Maidunama Sickle Cell Foundation, Ne Plus Entertainment Celebrated Children’s Day With IDPs

For the 5th year in a roll, Maidunama Sickle Cell Foundation in Collaboration with Ne Plus Entertainment have continued to celebrate with children on the streets and other down trodden.

In an effort to continue the good work of the organization towards the less privileged, Maidunama Sickle Cell Foundation and Ne Plus Entertainment will be celebrating Children’s Day with the IDP children.

According to Maryam Dunji, one of the organisers of the event, she said though it has been challenging to put together relief materials, her partners and her are ready to give free medical checks to the children and also distribute some relief materials they would gather prior to then.
She said: “As we live in our houses and lie down in our comfortable beds I want to remind you that there are lots of hungry and sick children out there living under the hot sun and get drenched by the rain day-in-day-out. There are about 2Million of them and to make matters worse, they have so many health challenges, Malaria, Pneumonia, Sickle cell Disease Etc. These children need your help. Maidunama Sickle Cell Foundation in Collaboration with Ne Plus Entertainment will be celebrating children’s day at the IDP Camp at area 1 Abuja. I know you have something for the kids. We so we can pick it up. Clothes, shoes, household, Blankets, Toys, books, Drinks, Biscuits/cakes, Sweets etc. Let’s come together and put smiles on their faces. We also need Doctors and Nurses. Nothing is too small. We need to help these children. Have you visited the camp before? If you have, you would understand what I’m talking about. Since I visited there, I have not been at rest that is why we decided to put this up to help in our own way to relieve.” She said.

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