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Happy Friday!!! How has your week been? Well it doesn’t matter now… its Friday, and we hope you have a fabulous weekend. We certainly will at MBTN :)

So you've been thinking about a possible move back to Nigeria, read a few MBTN interviews, spoken to your friends, and done a bunch of research online? You’ve been looking for answers to questions like: ‘how do I find that top notch job as a lawyer in Lagos?’, ‘what is the process for registering a business in Port Harcourt?’, ‘how do I find customers for the tech start up I’m going to launch in Abuja when I move back next month?’

What better way is there to get answers to your questions than speaking to folks on the ground who have moved back and have physically experienced and ‘conquered’ whatever challenge or question you might be thinking about?

MBTN is building a network of experts on the ground who can talk to you about anything you need to know from a ‘Nigeria’ perspective. From lifestyle to business to more fun topics, speaking to an MBTN advisor is the quickest way to learn about living, working and doing business in Nigeria. Our network of advisors is extensive and growing every day, so the chances are if you wanted to find out about becoming a circus clown in Abeokuta, we’ll be able to put you in touch with someone on the ground who can advise you on going about the process :)

Follow the blue button below to have a look at a list of our advisors and book a session with one or more of them today.

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