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TOTAL EPNG/French Embassy in Nigeria Scholarship program

In 2012, the French Embassy in Nigeria and the TOTAL E&P Nigeria Limited Group decided to create a scholarship programme for high-level Nigerian students to study in France.
For the 2014/2015 academic year, 5 full scholarships will be awarded.
- Political Science          - Finance
- Management              - Economics
- International Law        - Taxation

You must send your scholarship application to by 09/12/2013
You are eligible for this scholarship programme if:
- You are a national of Nigeria
- You have not previously qualified for a scholarship from the French government or from another company;
- Students must be age of 28 maximum
- You have at least a bachelor degree obtained with first class or second class upper
You must have at least:
- A bachelor degree obtained with first class or second class upper
- A first professional experience (NYSC or other) would be a plus
- You are a student in your country of origin
- You have an excellent level of English (both written and oral);
- You send a full application containing all the documents required (cf. Section entitled “Mandatory application documents”).
- Your educational project must be solid:
These documents shall be digitized if needed in order to be sent electronically to
- Copy of the data page of your international passport
- Copy of your diplomas, transcripts and all certificates: (WAEC, Bachelor, Master…)
- Detailed resume: (CV)
- Motivation letter: The motivation letter is very important. It must describe in detail:
- Your background (your studies & professional experience so far
- Your choice (which course you choose to study in France & why?)
- Your professional expectations (which jobs & opportunities you are expecting to access with
- the skills brought to you in the course you are applying for in France)
Important observations:
A good command of French is not a prerequisite but an advantage in the selection process and should be regarded as one of the objectives to be reached by the end of your stay in France. Fluency in French may be required by the host institution;
Before the 09/12/2013 deadline for receiving applications, you must submit your application for a scholarship of the programme cofinanced by TEPNG and the French Embassy at this address : You must also submit your application by that date to the French institution of higher education chosen by you.
Company Information:
TOTAL Group website
TOTAL E&P Nigeria Limited:
For all information on the program, to receive the call for application and sending your application :
- Embassy of France in Nigeria -
Contact : Julie ROYER

(culled from Institut Francais Nigeria


  1. Anonymous11:37

    Im applying right away

  2. Anonymous11:48

    What about people that have 3rd class and need help. so nothing for us abi. mtchw

    1. Eddy Okolo12:03

      Why u get 3rd class? you just wasted school fees ............parents hard earned money



    2. Anonymous12:16

      Third class is not a death sentense. Just go and learn a trade in Alaba market, Otu Onitsha or Abayi Aba. Ibo boys will apprentise you for five years and you become a professional mechanic, carpenter, show maker, obioma and any other marchandise. If you are a woman, go and marry. If you dont find husband, go and have children.

    3. somtochukwu12:19

      @anon 12:16 Before she goes an marry or have children, she should buy umbrella and start a recharge card business. This kind of scholarship is not for you


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