Japanese Company Invents Robot That Gives Handjobs

The Second Law of Robotics is: A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings.
Over the weekend, a virtual s*x simulator debuted in Japan, Kotaku reported. The “VR Tenga” is the product of a joint effort from adult toy company Tenga and virtual reality pioneer Oculus VR, the company behind an immersive virtual reality headset called the Oculus Rift.
The VR Tenga was unveiled at an Oculus Rift game jam in Tokyo and, as can be seen in the NSFW video above, has at least a few people excited. Buzzfeed explains how the contraption gets the robo-job done:
The device attaches a Novint Falcon—a grip-based, haptic controller—to a Tenga, a Japanese industrial masturbator. Used as intended, the user would insert his man-hood into the Tenga, which would be manipulated by the Falcon. All the while the user views on his Oculus some sort of visual stimulation synced to the movement of the hybrid Falcon/Tenga.
In a HuffPost/YouGov survey conducted in April, eighteen percent of respondents said they believed s*x robots would be available by 2030, while only nine percent said they would have s*x with a robot if they had the opportunity.

Who could resist?


  1. Anonymous15:17

    How many people would be alive in 2030?

  2. Anonymous15:29

    I would resist, All that gliters are not gold
    The bible tells us to resist the devil and he will flee

  3. Anonymous15:40

    But it cant be the same as the real thing or real hand

  4. Anonymous15:49

    Japaneese are really crazy set of people u can think of. Always thinking perverted


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