EOBlog Poetry Time: FLUSHED! [The Cry Of The Aborted]

A shrill small voice wails from the woods and shadows
I am the one you killed
Soaked in blood and flushed into the abyss, I know you!
(Raises his voice sorrowfully)
I am the dreamer who never dreamt
The thin tiny infant who never grew.
I changed the world, I was a genius!
By my knowledge in science, I made man live in mars…
(Voice brought down)
Oh, I forgot! You killed me ever before then.
Lost in pleasures, you bade me
I never wished, but it was a command?
Did I sin by coming to you?

You vain woman, you crushed my skull!

You murdered me!

You opened the door to my house and fried me!

Oh, I saw the fluid coming…

I never knew you could be so heartless!

I did not know how I felt when I heard the voice whispering

(Low tune)

‘Just a while and the bastard would be gone’

You self-centered creature, you bade me and called me bastard?


Why did you wake me from heaven and sent me to hell?

I was beautiful…

I looked so much like you.

My lips were not too big; they were cute.

I was as fair as the sun.

My eyes glowed like the stars…I was hairy.

You were so blind, I brought you gift from the father!


You killed a star,

You killed a savior,

You murdered the change the world was waiting for.

You killed me!

(Screaming for emphasis)

You killed me, you killed a soul, you KILLED!

(Sudden sob)

Oh, why did you do it?


‘I am a Christian!’ you brag all day

Your reverberating ‘halleluiah’ pulls down the church roof

Oh thou fornicator, thou murderer

Hell would be your ‘heaven’ forever!

(Voice softens and ascends)

You were lucky I did not kill you

My father had bade me

You undeserving sinner,

My father gave you a SECOND CHANCE!

I have a message for you

I am not dead; I am spirit now.

I stand at your door.

The next time you call me,

I would come…

But in my hand is a sword from the almighty…

Kill me if you dare!



Oyinloye John Oluwatosin blog



  1. Anonymous17:00

    So sad!

  2. Anonymous10:36

    So sad reading through but is a lesson for mankind


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