2014 World Cup: Prostitutes Will Accept CARD Payments

For some of us who think Prostitution would go away someday, well here's the bad news... its going nowhere; it has come to stay. lol. It is rather going electronic and waxing strong through social networks and e-commerce. Some la-cream hoes now accept card payments. They have even boldly declared their offer to the general public about their new added features. They struck a deal with a bank and will be given chip and PIN machines.

The women in Belo Horizonte, 270 miles from Rio, have adopted the slogan, “Enjoy now, pay later”. Cida Vieira, of prostitute’s group Aprosmig, said: “Clients who want to extend their programme but don’t have any cash can stay with a girl for longer time without any interruption.”
Their association said card payments would be better for clients’ security and bank statements would not specify the “activity”.
Plenty men would definetly patronize them in Brazil as long as the transaction details would not be specified ... and even if it is specified, who cares

These women are also taking English lessons for easy communication. #Irestmycase


  1. Anonymous15:19

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  2. Anonymous15:39

    Holy christ

  3. Anonymous15:47

    This is very silly of them but they will definetely have a lot of patronage


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