See What BBA Winner Dillish Is Using Her 300,000 USD For ...Lol

We taught she would finally buy the house for herself and her siblings but it seems she has another plan. Lol
The beauty queen got herself a Rihanna Heart Mac lipstick which cost around $16.50 for 0.10 oz. lol.
Dillish was crowned BBA ‘The Chase’ winner on Sunday, August 25, beating 27 contestants from different African countries and going home with the grand prize of 300,000 dollar.
Earlier, Dillish had disclosed that it has been her dream to get a house for her siblings and herself so they could live together and winning the money will make that a reality.
“I made it very clear in the beginning that I just want to get a house for me and my siblings to be together. It might sound something simple, something stupid but I never had that family thing so now I can go and do it for my siblings,” she said.
Plans shaa changes. hope you guys know this is a joke huh?


  1. hahahhahahhahhahhhhahahhaaaa Ebereeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Anonymous11:56

    Shes got class.

  3. Ebube12:14

    Rihanna Heart Mac lipstick? I was thinking im going to see some foundation or causes shes embarking on. Whats up with ladies and make up. mtchw


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