[PHOTOS] Suitors Line-Up For Cossy Orjiakor's Hand In Marriage On Twitter. Lolz

Cossy Orjiakor... We all know her, don't we? Well she is wondering if a man can marry a girl like her.
In a recent twitter post, she talks about how her private body parts (and pink panties) have been all over the Internet. She worries if this could cause a man to not want to wife her.
Well, from the reactions she got, it seems the guys are eager to put a ring on it?

Responses after the jumppp...

So are Nigerian men really open-minded? or are these people just being silly?

Hey guys, would you marry a woman like Cossy?


  1. Anonymous11:32

    She don dey find husband. She never start.

  2. Anonymous11:34

    She don dey find husband. She never start. and all these boys who are seeking fame through cossy, im sorry for you guys. you can only suck her sagged boobs and nothing more because she is not respected in nollywood. yeye

  3. what was that useless Alonso Kelvin saying there. he's very useless

  4. They are just leading her on and she is falling for it. Na to nyash her and dump her there. the most useless celebrity of the century

  5. For her life, she dey dream of diamond ring. if she gets a wooden ring, shes lucky. Gosh im so pissed

  6. Anonymous17:07

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