Kanye West Says He Has Been Learning ‘Social Skills’ From Jay Z

known for having a short temper but Kanye West insists he’s been learning ‘social skills’ from his pal Jay Z.
The 36-year-old revealed that he had a hidden agenda for joining Jay, 43, on their 2011 collaboration Watch The Throne.
“One of the reasons that I did Watch The Throne with Jay wasn’t just to do a dope album, which we did, it was because Jay Z has the best social skills of anyone that I know,” he told San Francisco’s 106KMEL earlier this week.
“Of anyone that I knew at that time. And I wanted to learn from him…Just to knock the edge off and learn from Jay,” he added.
And now the New Slaves rapper has another influence in his life in the form of new fiancée Kim Kardashian, 33.
“And then God has now given me another master of the social skills, my girl. She’s like the number one socialite in the world,” he gushed.

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