Yvonne Nelson Makes Her Fans Day With A Retweet? Lolz

As humans, we may not understand how a little thang we do could actually affect someones life. This afternoon, i was flipping through my twitter timeline when i saw an almost fainting fan of Yvonne Nelson raining praises to her because of a retweet. It happened that Ernest Ofoma sent an emotional tweet about always being there for her and how she never noticed. YN, who would have however been touched by the tweet decided to retweet ?and gbam! she made someone smile real big. I apparently sensed that Ernests' day has been made but decided to shaa confirm with my reply. View the retweet and all the conversation after the cuttt...

This guy still want some more favor from YN! a follow back?. lolz. #Wishyouwell


  1. Anonymous16:10

    Good for him tho!

  2. Anonymous16:11

    Plz pipo; they are only celebrities and not Gods! dont idolize them.


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