South Africans Use Condoms To Treat Arthritis

Elderly people in South Africa are discarding pills for condoms because the lubricant oil on the latex helps alleviate arthritis-related pain, a daily reported Friday.
They rub the condoms on the painful joints, and claim to feel instant relief, the Sowetan said.
“This oil is number one,” Elizabeth Moyo told the paper after demonstrating how she uses the condoms. “I am tired of the pills.”
Condoms are readily available, often for free, in South Africa, which has one of the world’s highest HIV infection rates with one in 10 people testing positive.
There is no scientific evidence that condoms help with pain relief, and medical experts are concerned that condoms will now be wasted and not used for their rightful purpose, the daily said. 

Nigerian Arthritis patients should try it out too #JustSaying


  1. Anonymous13:08

    Pls oh. the lubricant does the magic. hehe

  2. Anonymous13:09

    This is fake news. why didnt they put the name of the daily that reported it. I live in SA and havent heard of any thing like this. Probarbly bc i dont have authrities

    1. Anonymous13:10

      U must be sick somewhere in your head

  3. Ebube13:10

    Why dont you add your name


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