Peter Okoye Hangs Out With Roadside Musicians On The Streets Of Canada

Before I go any further, have you noticed how it’s always Peter Okoye of the P-Square duo that’s always in the news and taking photos and whatever???
Is Paul Okoye shy??
Sha, while the electrifying twin duo were in Canada on tour, Peter Okoye took time to sit with the road-side musicians, watching them do what they do. Really nice fellow!!
Ermmm….by the way Peter, I know some road-side beggers near wuse market, you should come hang-out with them too naaaa *piks race*


  1. Anonymous17:57

    Make he try am

  2. Anonymous17:58

    Abj is even better, he shld try it in lag

  3. Anonymous17:58

    These road side musicians are la cream oh.

  4. Anonymous17:58

    See fresh boys


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