Man Tortures Mouse For Eating Money

A man in Gaza, Palestine, is being accused of an unbelievably horrible act of animal cruelty — tying a mouse’s limbs to a pole and torturing it. But the photo that allegedly documents the act is likely a hoax.
According to a story being reported on various news sites, an unidentified man supposedly stashed Israeli shekels in his closet, only to discover a hungry mouse had chewed up about $170 worth of cash.
The man allegedly was so angry that he chose to get even in a manner even more extreme than an excessively violent Tom & Jerry cartoon: by stringing the mouse’s limbs with rope to a pole, reported.
The man allegedly photographed the torture and posted it on Facebook, where it was picked up by Gulf News.
Reaction to the photo on the website has been mixed. Some people are offended, while others point out that the man’s actions will not deter other hungry mice. One man suggested that the “sick ones” were the people more concerned with “a rat” than the plight of the Palestinian people.
However, it’s most likely the photo and the story are complete fabrications, since the same photo was used in various memes six months ago, including one featuring Grumpy Cat.

The alleged mouse money munching comes at a time when money is very tight in Gaza, in part because the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) has delayed cashing in public worker salaries for several months in the West Bank due to shortages brought about in part by Israeli withholding of Palestinian funds, Sia.Az reported.

Even if the pic is fake, mouse torture is very real.

In July, Andre Yankey, a 19-year-old personal trainer in London, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal after making a homemade film where he used a power tool to slice open a mouse and drill into its eye, the Daily Mail reported.

In November, 2011, two German women paid to record a fetish film of themselves stomping on mice while dressed in high-heels were charged with animal cruelty.


  1. Anonymous12:31

    hahahahahahahahaha. lwkmwd lmao lol rotlmao This is really hillary

  2. Anonymous12:35

    Animal curelty indeed
    I remembered when i once opened a lizards belly in a attempt to perform surgery on the lizard.
    i stiched it back anyway when i used a razor to cut it open
    The lizard died a few hours later.
    Would i be charged for murder?
    I was 10 years old

    1. You have committed murder. #kidding What were u thinking? Did u diagnose the lizard with any cancer? #justsaying

  3. Anonymous12:37

    I did it with all innocence. didnt mean to kill the lizard tho

  4. Anonymous12:38

    That man no get work jare

  5. Ebube12:39

    The story is practically fabricated. Dosen't sound real at all


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