[House Wahala] I Decided To Get Myself A Place To Stay; Oh Boy! See Trouble

This article is my personal experience. I just thought I should let EOblog Readers into my private life. Hope you find it interesting anyways...
Lately, I don’t know what has been going on in my life. My friend Cyn told me it's because I've not been going to church, :O. hehe. J, my friend I stay with told me it's because I don’t pray and commit everything I want to do into the hands of God. I don't think they are absolutely correct but they may have some points. Some few things has not really been in place lately and I guess that is the reason why they have these things to say to me. Duh. We all have our ups and downs, don't we?. 
Well, It all started sometime before my birthday [02 Aug]. My birthdays have always been on lowkey lately probably because I see myself as not having much to celebrate. I only hang out with close buddies, chat, laugh, check out posts on my fb wall, etc…

Now back to house issue. Before my birthday, I decided to get myself a place. I just thought to myself that I'm long overdue at the place I stay with my friend J. I've actually been staying at her apartment for over eight (8) months. Lol. 'that’s really long' although she's not pursuing me like she always tells me but you guys would agree with me that I don’t need to wait for her to start pursuing me before I start making plans to leave her apartment and besides, I need my privacy likewise herself. Yeah. 

Okay, I quickly got contacts of some landlord agents in Abuja who can help me search for a good place in town. My Oga at the top *winks* contacted some of his friends and wow.. a nice apartment emerged "whew", the search was over?. I didn't have to wait for long to make payments for the house. The house was a bit on the high side for me although the landlord agreed I should pay for six months which is half the total amount. Since I had the money, I quickly paid for the house located around 1st avenue Gwarimpa Estate, Abuja, Nigeria. They shaa gave me receipt.

To cut the long story short, it turned out that both the landlord and the agent who I've been dealing with were fraudsters "feeling beat up". They are not real "huh?". They collected my hard earned money with no plans to deliver. They were meant to partition the apartment, paint it and connect the lighting but none of these things were done before my due date of moving into the apartment. You can't imagine how heartbroken I felt when I discovered that I've been played. Of course I wept bitterly.

The matter has finally turned into a police case "sad". Yesterday, we had to forcefully arrest the landlord with the help of Police and my well wishers. I've never had any police case, have never reported anybody to the police, never written statement without paragraph, brought undertaken, deposited anything under police custody, arrested anyone or been arrested, etc. This is my first time. He however has started paying back my money bit by bit. The first quarter of my refund has been successfully paid. The balance would hopefully be paid by Friday. All my dreams of moving into the house have been wiped off my head. I'm currently in search of a new place. I guess I would try satellite town at this point probably Lugbe or somewhere else close to town to avoid fraud. Lol.
Bottom line: I've learnt my lessons and would slow down my search for now.


  1. Ebube18:14

    Ebere! Ebere!! Ebere!!! How many times did i call you? Be verrrrry carefullll. I don talk my own

  2. Anonymous18:16

    Aw! You didnt bother to tell me, you sweet little sweetheart. #youknowwhocallsyouthathuh

  3. Anonymous08:56

    somebody needs a hug. So sorry dear.

  4. Anonymous15:33

    Eby dear, just take it easy. Its well. Remember there is a reason why everything happens. Who knows what would have happened if u moved in. It could be that God is actually preventing a lot of things from happening to you. I actually love the way you put this article together. Was nice reading it all. The good Lord would grant you all your heart desires



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