How Social Media Can Ruin Your Brand -- By Isaac Oladipupo

Can social media promote your brand? Absolutely! But just as social media platforms can make a brand or business, they can also mar one as well.

It’s a slippery slope that every brand manager and business owner must be prepared to navigate with extreme care. This is how terrible it could be?
Grammar freaks
As long as we are human, we all are susceptible to making some mistakes, once in a while. But there seems to be a disproportionate number of armchair quarterbacks on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and LinkedIn than anywhere else who are only there to amplify your wrongs. An individual can use abbreviations and butcher spellings for the sake of word counts, but try it as a business, and you immediately lose credibility.
Abandoned website
While having an active social media network is important, you cannot possibly ignore your website – the online face of your business – in the bid to make the most of social media. At the end of the day, social media is a marketing tool, but unless what you are marketing is impressive, you can forget about securing conversions. First impression says everything.

Unorganised posts

I have realised that a scheduled approach to Twitter and Facebook updates works best. That’s why Apps like Hootsuite allows you schedule posts to space them apart a bit. When you post a quick succession of links, people feel inundated and the content is lost in the rush. I’ve also noticed that, when there’s a flurry of posts, there is often a long period of inactivity. We know when someone posts several updates in a row that they’re too busy. That seems to confuse followers, who like to see a steady stream of informative info.

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