6 Signs You Are In A Healthy Relationship!!!

Most couples tend to define their relationship as being good or bad. However, psychiatrists and marriage counselors believe that the actual term that should define a relationship is “healthy”. A relationship (be it a healthy or an unhealthy one), has to pass through testing times. If you too are going through some ups and downs, it is best to find out how healthy your relationship is. Here are a few things which will help you to discover the current state of your relationship.

1. Mutual respect
This is an ultimate test for any relationship. Respecting your partner is perhaps the biggest contribution you can make towards a stronger relationship. This does not mean that you start worshiping your partner. Here, respect could be something as simple as admiring them for the manner in which they handle a stressful job and fulfill their duties towards you and your kids.
2. Personal crisis is not an individual struggle
Everybody goes through difficult times due to factors such as health, workplace and family issues. However, in a healthy relationship, your problems are no longer just yours. This means, he or she is there to sense that you are struggling with something, and is also ready to help. Couple-hood loses its essence if the two of you are not there for each other during tough times.

3. No Room for abuse
This refers to an abusive behavior beyond the realm of just saying negative words to each other. Forcing you to relent even when you are not in the mood to get intimate is also a type of physical and mental abuse. Also, being repeatedly badmouthed by the in-laws despite your best attempts to appease them is parallel to being psychologically abused. If such things are part of your relationship, it is certainly not healthy.

4. Being happy for each other comes naturally
If you two can feel happy for each other for the smallest of accomplishments, it indicates a healthy relationship. For instance, if your wife is praised by her boss, it is a reason enough for you to feel happy for her. Similarly, the smallest layer of muscle your husband has added through his gyming makes you kiss him with adoration. These are strong indications that your bond does not need significant happenings to make you feel happy for the other person.

5. Minimal boredom
This is perhaps the most common relationship challenge till date. Most couples, who have a difficult time dealing with their couple-hood (including the newlyweds), keep talking about a certain kind of boredom that has set in their relationship. Though this is an inevitable part of any relationship, the boredom should not become overwhelming. So much so, that you no longer wait for the ‘exclusive moments’ with him or her. If it has been more than a couple of months when you last spent some quality time with your spouse, your relationship is for sure taking a gradual nosedive.

6. Honesty is not an issue
When being honest, and I mean, being brutally honest with each other is not an issue, you can be assured that you share a healthy relationship. This is easier said than done, since sharing what you actually feel, your opinions or emotional state in its absolute sincere form does not come easy.


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