4 Ways To Cope With A Panic Attack!!!

If you have experienced panic attacks at any point in your life, you understand how frightening it can be. Sufferers may be performing their usual daily tasks, when suddenly they are affected by a panic attack. They quickly become nervous, uncomfortable, easily overwhelmed, fatigued, frightened, experience chest pains and stomach issues, along with other symptoms. Sufferers are afraid to be in public or go about their usual routine. They are afraid of what can happen to them. At that moment, they are convinced the worst possible thing is about to occur.

Unfortunately, many sufferers of panic attacks need a little more than just family. They need to seek professional help, especially if the panic attacks occur frequently and disables them from performing a daily routine.
Please keep in mind each person who suffers from panic attacks may experience different, and at times severe, symptoms. This is why it is recommended you see your physician as soon as possible.
Here are four ways to handle panic attacks:
1. Turn to family. It is a wise decision to turn to a parent, your spouse or a close family member for help. Explain to the person what occurred and what you were doing when it happened. Do not be afraid to open up to them. Discussion always helps to figure things out.
2. Medical examination.
It is best to see your doctor in case you were experiencing something other than a panic attack. If you have suffered a panic attack, your doctor can help identify possible reasons for the attacks.

3. Therapist or doctor. Sometimes trying to deal with panic attacks alone or with a family member is not always the answer. You continue to experience panic attacks. Therefore, professional help is always a sure bet. The therapist or doctor may implement exercises to help you overcome the panic attacks or teach you ways on how to live with them. In some cases, a person may need more than exercises; therefore, the professional – if he has the license to do so – can prescribe medicine.

4. Make changes in your life. Try to live a stress free life. I know this sounds almost impossible especially if you are a working parent juggling as much as you can. But make an attempt to ease up your schedule just enough to give your body a break from so much stress and demands.

Suffering from panic attacks is not pleasant. However, you do have the power and strength within you to battle the attacks. Never allow panic attacks to defeat you or bring you down. Remember, you have resources and family on whom to rely. You are not alone. If you know of someone in your family who suffers panic attacks, please be patient. Never tell them to “calm down” or “relax.” Words of that nature do not assist with the situation. In fact, it actually increases the anxiety. Sufferers of panic attacks need as much encouragement and support from family and friends as possible.

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