World’s First Lab-Grown Burger Costing £250,000 To Go On The Menu

The world’s first burger made out of meat grown in a lab is going on the menu.
The 5oz patty, created for £250,000, will be served at a secret location to see if it passes the taste test.
Prof Mark Post believes our demand for meat will make farming unsustainable, so he and his team used cow stem cells to create 20,000 tiny strips of meat.
These then self-organised into muscle and were electrified to help them bulk up.
Beetroot juice and saffron were added for colouring.
An audience in London will see it served to two volunteers – including the mystery tycoon who funded it.
Prof Post, from ­Maastricht University in the ­Netherlands, said: “For it to succeed it has to look, feel and hopefully taste like the real thing.”

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