VIDEO: Daughter Interrupts Her Newscaster Mother During Live Broadcast

Left for me, my daughter will not go unpunished because she should be old enough to know the mothers nature of work. 
Bring your daughter to work day did not work out too well for this newsreader.

Lena Alwash’s live broadcast on Morocco’s Medi 1 TV channel was interrupted when her young daughter suddenly appears behind her to hand her a smartphone.

Upon realising her mum might actually be working and addressing viewers and not her, the child sheepishly tries, and fails, to duck out of shot.

Ms Alwash is not remotely fazed by the distraction, she barely glances at her daughter, raises her eyebrows and gives an imperceptible shake of the head in a telling sign of parental disapproval before carrying on as if nothing had happened. 
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Culled from Metro News

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