VIDEO: Bra Ad Has Shocking Ending (18+)

It usually takes is a cute model, a strip-tease and a catchy song to sell lingerie, right? But sometimes a little surprise helps.
An ad (watch below) for Wacoal’s Mood Boost-Up Bra is racking up millions of hitson YouTube, perhaps in part because of the spot’s big reveal in the last few seconds: The model is a dude.

On its website, Wacoal presents what appear to be real women to model its bras. But the twist the company uses in its commercial – even if it isn’t original – has gone a long way to generate buzz. Wrote one YouTube commenter: “He’s hot as a girl and a guy.”

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  1. Anonymous18:57

    Pussy wet! lolz. tot i would see some locious boobs.


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