Video: Tochi Glo X-Factor. I Love Her Determination

This 30 years old talented Artist is such an inspiration. She really made my day i must say. According to her, she was NOT selected (disqualified) at the Abuja Audition and she had to travel all the way from Abuja to Ghana by bus which is approximately 15hrs. She ofcourse has worked on herself, confidence, carriage etc and made up her mind to get through the show. The three judges were inspired by her performance and wondered why they disqualified her in the first place. Well, I personally love what MI said to her during his time to vote "I must tell you, in this our business, determination is the only way out. I already decided to say 'YES' to you immediately you told us that you travelled all the way here from Abuja by road" Watch Video HERE and see for yourself. 


  1. Anonymous13:40

    Wow! That is what we call determination

  2. Anonymous13:48

    MI is such an inspiration to the youth. He does a lot of charity and i must commend him for that.


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