The Red Carpet + Pictures For The KICC Singles Connect, Loading....

These are the pictures from the Red Carpet Event which held on Sat. 24th August 2013 at Kingsway International Christian Center [KICC] Abuja Singles Connect. If you missed the advert, read it up HERE. Well, I promised to share the pictures... yeah... Before you guys crucify me, these are not all the pictures. They are still loading... Keep checking until you see your face#ifyouwerethere. I will however notify y'all when all the pictures have been loaded. I was exited to see almost everybody again. dint know what i've missed though. Had a really nice time. All kudos to the organizing crew especially for Sis. Divine and her crew. they did a great job. More power to their elbow. More acknowledgements goes to Pastor and Mrs. Dipo Alebiosu -Resident pastor of KICC Abuja. You guys rock.

Plenty photos after the jumppp...


  1. Anonymous15:40

    I for say why my pix no dey here. Would have closed down this ur blog. #kidding

  2. Anonymous17:32

    Wow. nice. The food was sweet!

  3. Ebube19:44


  4. Anonymous15:38

    Ebby dat was a gud 1. But y did u put me wen I was licking my finger

  5. Oops. The camera caught u... Thanks to you all for dropping by...


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