The 5 Donts Of Men’s Underwear You Should Read!!!

Here we are! There are things that are just a NO, NO!, although most men see it as normal. For instance, some man believe that since their underwear cannot be seen, they can go about wearing a dirty one!!! Whoop!! That is not healthy, guys! And for the married men, the more your underwear is clean, the more your wife wants to pull it off, you know what I mean! *winks*
Therefore, let every man read carefully the donts of men’s underwear listed below…..
1. Don’t go commando
‘Freeballin’, ‘Letting loose’, ‘Living large’ – Call it what you want, but opting out of undergarments is never acceptable. Sure, a cool breeze down there would be more than welcome on a sizzling hot summer day. But the risk of raising the flagpole in public is just too high — not to mention the gnarly nether-region germs you would be rubbing directly on to your clothing.
2. Don’t wear man-panties
The high-cut, hip-hugging bikini brief was created to up the ante in s*x appeal. Oddly enough, it can do just the opposite. Men’s underwear should always look like it was made for a man. If you have to wonder, keep on shopping. And yes, this rule applies to everyone, everyone of the men out there.
3. Don’t tolerate stains
Underwear isn’t limited to a discussion about briefs and boxers; it includes beaters and T-shirts too. Sporting either of those with a gruesome golden pit is enough to turn a stomach or two. The yellowish tinge comes from the urea in sweat, the same waste product found in urine. Sadly, getting your T-shirts white again is nearly impossible. Chalk it up to an active lifestyle or overly enthusiastic sweat glands and buy some new white undershirts at the first sign of discoloration.
4. Don’t wear boxers under trousers
Boxer shorts have their rightful place in your underclothing collection. They’re great for sleeping, and if you’re partial to putting a little more swing in your step, boxers are fine with jeans. But during the 9-to-5 grind, stuffing a bulky, baggy boxer short into finely tailored trousers is far from flattering. Suiting up calls for more refined undergarments, ones that don’t require an extra tuck or tug.
5. Don’t show off your underwear
Designer drawers came to life around the same time Marky Mark decided it was cool to drop trou with Calvins. Well, you aren’t Mr. Wahlberg and this isn’t 1991. Conceal your tighty whities (or similarly distinguished boxers) and let them show when it really counts: behind closed doors.


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