Russia Uses Topléss Ladies To Control Traffic

Russia has come up with a novel idea to keep motorists from going over the speed limit – by using topléss models to slow them down.
The bare-chésted ladies almost brought traffic to a halt as they stood at the side of a highway in the Nizhny Novgorod region of Russia, east of Moscow, on Monday waving 40mph speed signs.
A video of their antics was uploaded to YouTube, and the accompanying caption reads: “When they noticed a car rushing at a speed exceeding 60 kmh (40mph), the maximum speed allowed in Russian cities, the half-nakéd women raised road signs.”
The anti-speeding séx sirens also donned sailor caps, thigh-high boots and suspenders.
Unsurprisingly, most of the drivers who did slow down were men.
The public organisation ‘Autodvijenie’ from the area organised the flash mob, supported by localpolice, ahead of a 1 September law change that will mean drivers are only fined for exceeding thespeed limit by 20 kmh, instead of 10 kmh.
Russian drivers also broke the rules 59,617,222 times in 2012, often by exceeding speed limits…..

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    hahahaha. this oyibo people will not kill me. They can't try this in Naija else the ladies will be kidnapped


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