Meet [Chuks D General] Master Of Ceremonies, Creative Standup Comedian, Et al

Chuks D General is one of the most interesting masters of ceremony, a very creative standup comedian and a perfect example of the popular slogan It's not the size of the container that matters but the content.
Check out this wonderful interaction with him as he talks about himself and his career.

My name is Israel Chukwuyem Jude, but the popular abbreviation of Chukwuyem lead me to Chuks. I am the third in a family of four, from Ika North East Local Government Area, Delta State. I was born on the 27th of February and I am in my 20s. I obtained my primary and secondary education in Delta State, while my university years were spent in Nasarawa State University, Keffi (B.Sc. Statistics).
I am currently based in Abuja where I do my MC, comedy and event management. By the grace of God, there are more things packaged in me by God that are still in process; the industry should standby for the manifestations through God.
Can you tell us how the journey started?
I didn’t set out to be a comedian; I was just living my life and being myself. My parents (Mr. & Mrs. Israel Okoh) brought me up with Godly principles and have always wanted me to spend most of my time in Church after doing my homework. So I became practically a part of every activity in Church right from my young age – reading the bible for the preacher, planning for any upcoming church event and doing recitations and moderations during special services. I never knew that God was preparing me for something great and by God’s special grace, I am on my way. That is why I always tell my colleagues in the entertainment industry that the best place to discover, develop, display and end your talent is in God, through the true church, because whatever you do in the house of God, will make your own house for you.
Nevertheless, in the midst of all these, I never forget that I bear in me a mark of God that distinguishes me from others in my talk, my choice of words, style of jokes and my lifestyle down the stage. Therefore, no matter where I perform, I carry God in my heart.
What do you think about comedy in Nigeria?
For me I think comedy in Nigeria have really grown so much that is no longer about the stage act only but is also an industry and a business.
What motivates you?
I am not motivated by anything physical but rather, the fact that I love what I do, I am happy to do what I do and am happy to see that people are happy whenever I do what I do.
How do you get the inspiration to create and deliver jokes?
Inspiration flows like current and is constantly on, so once you are connected to the right source and rightly positioned, it must surely flow to you and then you will shine the light for others to see right. For me I strife each day to create the right atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to inspire me to see a joke in everything that happens around me. There are many sources of inspiration for comedy but it takes the divine inspiration to make people not just temporarily happy but add a permanent joy to their life; this is my goal in every event.
What was your most embarrassing moments?
The most embarrassing moment for me in my line of duty can be traced back to some time three years ago. A fellow comedian had asked me to go stand in for him at an event he was supposed to handle but was too engaged to do same.
I got to the venue ahead of time like any serious MC would, only to be accosted by the father of the bride (it was a wedding ceremony). He was furious at the fact that I was diminutive and felt I couldn’t handle an event of that magnitude. He went on to tell me that it was not a kiddies birthday party, but his daughter’s wedding, and if I insisted, he could make me handle his daughter’s baby celebration when she gives birth.
I tried convincing him to just allow me start up the event and if he wasn’t impressed by the first 10 minutes, he could take the mic from me and give same to his reserve MC. This event happened at the Transcorp Hilton so you know it was a big event. After much pleading, he allowed me to anchor the event, and as they say, the rest is history. 
How much do you charge per event?
Don’t be surprised, I have been structured not to be driven by money and not to turn what God gave me into a market. I perform in any event free of charge because the God that gave me the talent did not place a price tag, but nevertheless, you need to give me a gift of a particular amount as I am led to tell you at time of your call.
What is your philosophy in life as a comedian?
For me my philosophy in life is that no matter what you do, make sure you don’t go to hell for any reason.
How do you manage your comedy with your personal life?
I am a professional MC and comedian and the fact is people should learn how to relate with me as a person when I am down the stage and see me as a comedian paid to entertain only when am up the stage. I said this because people seem not to take me seriously when I am interacting with them ……. Make I no go call person for emergency one day, people go think say I dey joke. 
Are you currently in any relationship?
Yes and as a matter of fact a very serious one but it is with GOD.
How has it been and what do we watch out for?
My early comedy days were not too nice because people could hardly believe in me because of my size but My major take off in Abuja just started with my excellent performance at major and great concerts around the country.
My exceptional ways of hosting events are really winning me massive audience acceptance first around the FCT and the nation at large and my name is gradually hitting the big screen especially with my features in most popular comedy shows and major events in Nigeria and beyond (e.g. Night of a 1000 laughs, comedy overdose, Iyanya Desire concert, finest girl in Nigeria, National gospel events, MBGN, AY live, MayD album and many others both around the country and beyond).
It has really been good, I give God the glory because he has done exceedingly and abundantly far above what I can ever think or imagine. For what to expect, I am like a moving ship, God is the Lord of the ship and I have decided to submit to his lordship. So whatever direction he gives me, I follow. For all those that are expecting, they should know by now that God never fails to give the best and as such I encourage them to sit tight, for the best is yet to come.


  1. Anonymous12:41

    This guy ..... Really on point ...

  2. Anonymous13:01

    Great chap. He's a great example to the youth in Nigeria. I know he would get to great heights in life. He amazes me because he's not art oriented being a statitician and yet he's been able to carve a niche in the performing art.

  3. Anonymous13:39

    Well done chuks!! You are doing a great job!! You supporter from ur IBPLC , Nass branch....we are proud of you.

  4. Tency 2413:41

    Nyc. Lol

  5. mr abbey14:57

    Ur on point

  6. Femi Salako15:46

    Chuks, Chuks!!! One very wonderful, extremely funny and great man!... He's not only someone i respect, he is one of my most trusted and best friends, he is my church member, and the assistant youth co-ordinator and leader in my church! Just a few things, he didn't mention!... I know that God will continue to take him through the journey to greatness, cuz the top is his destination!!! Keep going, dearest Chuks!...

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    Impressive! Thumps up!

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    I hail specially


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