Police Refuses To Answer The Man Who Dailed 911 Because He Wants A Lift In Rain

Na wah o. This oyibo people no go kill person o. Calling 911 because you are caught up in the rain. Pls how does that concern the police? Well shaa a dad dialled 999 because he wanted a lift in the rain – and police obliged when he threatened to complain.
Officers picked up the man and his children from a flyover and took them to a bus stop.
He is reported to have said he would call the Police and Crime Commissioner if they refused.
Details of the incident in Shoreham, West Sussex, emerged after a policeman posted it on Facebook.
A police spokesman later said: “Clearly 999 is for use only in emergencies.”
Street pastor Ian Chisnall, who stood for the Sussex Police and Crime and Commissioner post won by Tory Katy Bourne, said: “It was not an emergency, but full credit to the police.
“They helped some children and deserve a gold star.” This kind of thing can only happen in the US.


  1. Anonymous11:35

    Mmiri neva start to mala this man oh. you go soon wet. Nonsense american and their useless 911

  2. Chioma11:36

    Hehe. lol


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