Another One-Chance Gang Busted In Abuja

One-chance robbery incidents remain the most prevalent crime in Abuja, the federal capital city and its environs.
Criminal minded Nigerians of varied age groups and sexes have taken to the one chance crime as duck to water. Many of them apparently see it as the most lucrative way of making ends meet in the nation’s capital city.
Recently, in the highbrow maitama area of the city, five of one-chance robbery gangs were arrested, while attempting to dispossess a victim of his belongings in broad- day – light.
The victim, one master Oke, a student of one of the higher institutions in the federal capital territory, said he boarded a Nissan Sunny, painted the Abuja taxi colour, with registration number XX209 BWR at Mpape junction on his way to Wuse in the central area district of the city when he encountered the robbers.
Master Oke said that when he boarded the taxi, the people at the rear seat, started complaining that the seat was not convenient for four passengers as they were already three before he joined them.
He said the driver then advised him to come and manage at the front seat where another man was already seated. The driver again asked him to bring his bag to be placed at the back of the car so as to make himself comfortable.

After a while, he added that he heard his bag being carefully opened and as he tried to look back to see what was going on, one of the people at the back seat blocked his view.

It was then that he realized that he had boarded a one-chance vehicle.

Master Oke stated that when they got to maitama secondary school junction, the driver told him that he was not going any further because of the VIO and then asked him to disembark. The victim said he refused to disembark and started to raise the alarm but none of the people around took notice of him.

But luckily, when they got to maitama farmer market junction, a traffic warden stopped the traffic coming from their direction and that was where he was able to attract the attention of the police men at a pin down checkpoint who promptly came to his aid.

The arrested criminals are Augustine Ijeoma who is also the gang leader, Uche Charles, 27, Uche Aluma, 43, Amhed Abu 26 and the only female Mary Timothy 28.

Police spokes person, Altine Daniel of the F. C. T. said the suspects are undergoing interrogation while the victim’s belongings have been returned to him.



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