Afro Candy Yabs Ini Edo And Mercy Johnson

Nigeria’s real bad girl Afro Candy. Anyway, the controversial actress/movie producer and singer Afro Candy is now claiming that some individuals are jealous of her. In-short, just read by yourself what this old woman Afro Candy had to say

Below is Afro Candy’s note:
“For those of you that just started watching Nollywood Movies, I have been around, even though I left Nigeria when I was just about to hit the actual Stardom and Transformed to AfroCandy.
When I was in Nollywood, Ini Edo had not even a Bicycle and I drove her to the Locations twice I worked with her. Mercy Johnson was still running around looking for waka pass.
Now that I came back in full force to take back my position most of you are mad. Why are you mad tho? don’t hate the player, hate the Game….”

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  1. Anonymous11:18

    This old woman no wan go rest abi? stupidity exagerrated.


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