729 Naturists Set A New Record By Hitting The Beach Stark Unclad

Wow! 729 people (naturists) went into a beach on the 25th of July 2013 totally unclad as they set the world record in Spain. Both young , old ,babies ,all shapes and sizes went skinny dipping to break the record set by New Zealand last year..


  1. Anonymous14:12

    Pussy wet!

  2. Anonymous14:15

    Ew! Contageous, Unhygienic dirty smelly water. smh

  3. Anonymous14:16

    Dem go finger all these dem ladies. this is so interesting. sex galore.

  4. Anonymous14:16

    See sagging breasts oh. tufiakwa. pricking and sexing. i likey

  5. Ebube14:18

    Ewooooo. e no get wtin i no go see for this blog oh. what is this please. This si so irritating

  6. Anonymous14:20

    And the water shall not remain the same because of people sucking things. Peuk. plz this is so gross.

  7. Anonymous22:48

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