7 Useful Tips for Driving in Nigeria

Everybody might be driving and getting from one point to the other; but how does one optimize the consumption of fuel, control overall cash spending on cars and still achieve extended vehicle life? The simple trick is by driving smart; to make this happen, here are a few useful tips worth considering:
1. Hold Some Spare Cash. In the U.S or U.K you get speeding tickets, but over here in Nigeria you either pay on the spot or gear up for higher payments plus demurrage when you find yourself on the wrong side of the law. You should never underestimate how far you can go bargaining with your temper in check. However, if you are lucky to get a ticket, take it in good fate and let it serve as a deterrent. 
2. Love the Freeway. 
The expressway alternative may seem quite longer and maybe more time consuming, but the truth is your engine needs an inner bump every now and then and those seemingly favourable short-cuts don’t do your engine any good. Driving on freeways with high speeds foster better engine lubrication and helps improve mileage (lower fuel consumption) comparatively especially when you use air-conditioners and higher gears. 

3. Maintain Your Car the Right Way. 

Cut down your overall spending by spending on the right things at the right time. 

4. Select the Right Car. 

Arm yourself with all the necessary car selection tricks before reaching out to your wallet or bank account. The first step is to identify your core needs before even deciding on your budget. With your budget in mind you can select the car you need and research further; yes research further! More than 80% of Nigerians don’t research; they will rather depend on referrals. 

5. You Don’t Always Need to Drive. 

The Lagos state government for instance has been an advocate for green driving; in recent times they even made concerted efforts improve the efficiency of the BRT (bus rapid transit) scheme and also making it cheaper (as low as N20) to commute along some routes. With this new improvement, even if you are not thinking ‘green’ at least you can use the green-Naira note to get around. 

6. Love Your Cabin. 

This is the only reason I try not to judge people when I see all manner of weird objects as decorations; besides it’s their interior and their haven. Getting your cabin conditions right means you spend more time focused on driving instead of fussing. 

7. Love You. 

Go beyond bearing it in mind that you need to love you and start acting like you actually do love yourself. According to FRSC, ‘about 1,936 persons were killed in road traffic accidents across the country between January and June this year’, also it’s important to point out that a large percentage of these accidents are as a result of human factors and errors.

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  1. Really nice tip especially the fact that we mustnt drive all the time. Thanks for sharing Berry!


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