VIDEO: British Mother Of Two Has 80 Percent Of Her Body Covered In Tattoos After Painful Divorce

A British mother of two says she covered 80 percent of her body in tattoos after a painful divorce — but now the ink is interfering with her dating life. In an interview with Barcroft TV posted this week, 49-year-old Amanda Brignall said she “wanted to add a bit of glamour into [her] life” after her husband divorced her when she was 37.

Today, Brignall’s tattoos include a portrait of Marilyn Monroe, a star design on her face, and a “talk to the hand” tattoo inscribed on her palm, which she said she’ll flash to anyone who’s not a fan of her appearance.

Though Brignall said that she loves her tattoos, the men in her Yorkshire, England community don’t seem to feel the same way; she’s only had one date in the last seven years.

“I don’t get chatted up much, I don’t know why,” she said. “I think I intimidate them — unless I’m too freaky from them, I don’t know.”

Brignall’s post-divorce ink may be eye-catching, but this is hardly the first time someone has turned to tattoos in the wake of a bad breakup. In June 2012, Carl McCoid, a 39-year-old British man, showed off nearly $800-worth of Miley Cyrus tattoos that he had inked across his body after his divorce.


  1. Anonymous15:52

    I'm very sure she truly loved her husband
    That can only be the reason why it affected her so bad like this. Probably the first stage of depression.

  2. Anonymous15:54

    I liked that "Talk to the hand". She really tatood that as well? This woman is crazy

  3. Eddy Okolo15:56

    Hahahaha. Your videos are so funny... I wonder where you get them.

  4. Anonymous16:00

    This woman is looking too old to be 42. All her body is weak and scary. No be only naija dey lie for age shaa. She looks 70 abi 80 self. I wonder how she would look when she gets to 80years with those tatoos. like Witch of Endor.

  5. Edet Ekom16:02

    Mehn this woman looks older than Metuselah. Scoi scoi don start. She even looks like a man, walks like a man and talks like a man. the man don tire drive her comot. hehe

  6. Adanna Chigbo16:03

    Chineke God! Pls is that eye lashes or tooth brush? Old mama youngi

  7. Dumebi Oghene16:05

    She dey do runs nah. orosco things

  8. this is really funny, I hear chocolates can actually mend broken hearts: she needs loads of it not tattoos

  9. Anonymous10:12

    She really loved her husband, reason why she tattooed? common! who does that, okay who is at loss for that now... shld av known better.


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