See Maho Beach – Where People Get Literally Blown Away By Airplanes

Oyibo will not stop amusing me. Believe me, if this was located anywhere in Nigeria, people will not want to go there especially after the recent Dana Plane Crash. #JustSaying Well, this beach is located right next to the Princess Juliana International Airport, on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, Maho Beach is a unique destination where tourist experience what it’s like to have jumbo jets flying just a few meters above their heads and get blown into the sea by their powerful jet engines.
Fine white sand and crystal clear water is not what makes Maho Beach such a popular tourist destination. There are hundreds of other such beautiful beaches in the Caribbean which aren’t located right next to a busy and noisy airport like Princess Juliana. But it’s precisely this little detail that makes this piece of paradise so remarkably unique. In order to land safely on the unusually short Runway 10, aircraft pilots have to make their final approach at minimal altitude, and that means flying just a few meters above the heads of thrill-seeking beach-goers.

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We’re not talking light airplanes, helicopters and little jets either, but jumbo jets like Boeing 747 (the largest aircraft) and Airbus A380. Plane spotting has become so popular at Maho Beach that local entrepreneurs have built an entire business around it. Beach bar owners have put up boards of airplane arrivals and departures so people can plan their visit, and some even broadcast radio transmissions between the airport’s control tower and and the aircraft. Well, if you are still looking for a vacation location, i think this place is not a bad idea. 
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  1. Anonymous11:05

    Do you also do visas? you told me you sell tickets. Can u do visa for me to the USA?

  2. @anonymous.. It depends on the kind of visa you want. study or work permit?. if you need any of these, ensure you have all the necessary requirements, then you can holla. cheers.

  3. Anonymous14:07

    Caribbean is a very nice terrace with lots of beaches. I've lived in Jamaica. Although I've not been to Maho but heard its a nice place.


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