Phil Roberts - Interview, [BIO, AWARDS, NEW PROJECTS]

- When did you start music and why did you choose music?

I started music at a very tender age and I can’t really remember when I even started because my family is a family of entertainment although I have being into professional music for 15 years younger brothers are also Artiste and they go by the name Gospel Soldiers

- What was the response from your family members, especially your parents when you mentioned Music?

Funny enough I wasn’t encouraged at all.. I usually jump through the fense to go for my piano classes because I was always flogged any time I went out for my music lessons.My Dad felt musicians were radicals and no good citizens but my mum belived in my dreams and she told me “My son someday the world will hear your voice and you will bring light to this family”

- What is/are the source(s) of your inspiration? 

God is the source of my inspiration though I also get inspirations from my everyday life

- Who are your musical influences? 

 Pastor Mathew Ahimolowo,Pastor Dipo Alebiosu and Asu Ekiye

- Are you working or schooling full-time/part-time? If yes, what’s your discipline and how do you combine work/school with music? 

 I am a Business development consultant and by the grace of God i always try to create out time for my studio sections

- Your new single titled Mighty God was featured on, Nigerian’s finest Gospel Entertainment platform, what does this mean to you? 

This is a great opportunity for me because I feel I have a new ground to show case my work and promote it for the world to see. I’m indeed greatful to all the Gospel naija team

- What inspired the song? This song is an inspiration from God on his Mighty works in my life. He has always seen me through

- Are we to expect any videos from you soon, when?

Yes but I am still trying to work on the finance for the project

- When is your full album dropping (number of tracks, who would be featured etc)? 
The Album will be dropping in January 2014 and it is gonna be a 10 Track album and will Feature my boss Asu Ekiye,Tobi Ashimolowo,Chris Morgan,Solomon Longe and Tony One week.

- What do you think about the acceptance of Gospel music among church folks and the general public as a whole? 

I must tell you that Gospel music is gradually taking its place.the problem with our gospel musicians is that they don’t belive in themselves

- Where do you hope to find yourself in the ladder of your musical career in the next five (5) years? 

I will be 80% higher than where I am today because I see great things coming my way. I see great acceptance and help from people. I now have a free website that was designed for free and some other great opportunities and my church KICC is solidly behind the project

- What is your advice to upcoming artistes and people pursuing their dreams like you? 
 My advice to the young ones is simple BELIVE IN YOUR DREAMS AND BE CONSISTENT…that is the key

- Any tours in sight?

Will be performing live at KICC Abuja from the 5th to 7th of Dec. will be in Kicc Ph on the 9th for a Christmas carol and back to Abj for a concert with Word Alive church for a concert on the 12th of dec. will be performing live at the MOST BEAUTIFUL STUDENT IN NIGERIA on the 15th dec at le merian Akwa ibom state organized by Glees concept and straight to KICC Aba for a Christmas concert on the 17th dec also having a concert with love FM Abuja on the 25th dec. that’s all for now will keep you posted but I need more shows,programs and concert ministrations as I have songs for all events on ma album

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