Meet Mr. Isaac Oghale Ikede: [ACA, ACIB Chartered Accountant,Former Regional Director of Intercontinental Bank Plc FCT Region, Real Estate, Author] et al

Yesterday, a Top-Class Business Executive Mr. Isaac Oghale Ikede ACA, ACIB Chartered Accountant, Former Regional Director of Intercontinental Bank Plc FCT Region was the Speaker at the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International 'City Executive Chapter'. 
He began his speech by enlightening the members of the chapter on how significant it is to offer free services as a businessman sighting examples from the likes of Oprah Winfrey and how she begun her Freelance Journalism without considering what would be her service charge.
He further added some important points for success in business. 
These are his key points:
1. Prayer life: It is important to invite ministers of the gospel to join you in prayer with your family at least once in two months. This could either be a short prayer or a vigil at your place. Do not forget to appreciate the minister/pastor after such prayers as this would help to water the intercession
2. Support Missions/Missionaries: Bring out items to support causes around the world. Items like cash, cloths, shoes, foods, charity donations can go a long way in someone else's life. Things you do not need could be the only thing someone else is dying for.
3. Do NOT ignore the poor especially the poor in the house of God: Prov. 11:24. Giving to the rich is good but giving to the person who actually needs the help is way better. look out for people like this in your local assembly to bless with the abundance of what God has given you. Do not ignore the people struggling to survive in the house of God. Favor them, give them jobs, gifts, cars, etc.

4. Read Inspirational Books: He further added the secret of great men lies in books. "Do not forget to read inspirational books" he said, recommending a handful of books to the members of the FGBMFI. some of the books he recomended are as follows: 
8 habits of highly influential people --- Stephen Covey, I believe in miracles----Katherine Coleman, How to make your faith work--- Paul youngi-cho [the owner of the biggest church in the world and in the city where people serve Buddha], See you at the top---Zig-Ziglar
Finally, he added that we should not forget to study the word of God as this is the key to success. 

Of course, I would not forget to take pictures after the whole seminar/meeting/lecture of this great inspirational speaker. 

From the left: Mr. Isaac Oghale Ikede and Mr. Kalu, President of FGBMFI City Executive Chapter Wuse 2 

Mr Ikede also came to the meeting with his Children [Princess Faith Oghale Ikede and Prince David Oghogho Ikede] as his official guests.
He is now running partnership with his group of friends in the real-estate construction business. He is also the author of an unpublished manuscript titled  "Principles and practice of Management for Bankers". He is currently the Managing Director of Zion Resourcery International Limited with offices in Abuja and Lagos. 


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    lovely kids. Pls how do i join full gospel and what are the benefits?


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