Ladies – Know Your Body Type And Dress Smart!

Have you ever heard about the six different horizontal body types? You can only dress smart by knowing your body type. Here we go...

1. Hourglass
2. Inverted Triangle
3. Triangle / Pear Shape
4. Rectangle
5. Diamond
6. Fuller Figure

Hourglass figure

An hourglass figure is when the hips and bust are around the same size and the waist is 9″-13″ smaller. The Hourglass figure is considered to be the easiest to dress as the body is balanced, with the top and bottom half of the body in proportion to one another. A person can be a size 18 and still be considered to have an hourglass figure.
If any one can buy clothes of the rack it is this group as most clothes are made to fit this shape.

2. Inverted Triangle figure
The Inverted Triangle figure reflects broad shoulders or a full bust, and carries most weight above the waist. To draw attention to the bottom half of the figure and create the illusion of an hourglass shape, women with this figure could wear plain and dark colours on top and be creative on the bottom half to draw attention on the slimmer part of their figure. Wearing a V-neckline will help slim the bust, and wearing long or three quarter sleeves will help divert the attention away from the bust line.

3. Triangle( Pear Shape) figure

The Triangle figure is the most common shape among women. The triangle figure is narrow at the shoulders, often with a small bust. The hips and bottom are larger than the waist and bust. Triangle figures can look good in tops with extra detail, fabric or weighting in the shoulder area as this makes the top half of the body appear wider. Women with this shape could keep the bottom portion of the body in clean lines and plain dark colours and have a focal point or accessories on the upper body close to the face. This will draw attention away from the lower part of the body and create a more balanced look.

4. Rectangle figure

The Rectangle figure has no waist line. Regardless of whether the size is thin or large – the waistline is not obvious in this body shape and it appears to be in line with the top half of the body and the hips. To create a waistline, women with this shape could wear wrap dresses or tops with diagonal lines. Diagonal lines are very flattering on the top part of this figure and can be achieved with colour or even the design of the garment.
Take in waistline of shirts and jackets if the area is too lose. Shoulder pads can also be inserted to create more shape.

5. Diamond figure

The Diamond figure has a stomach which protrudes from under the bust line. Women with this body shape could use layers on the top part of the body to give a slimmer illusion, It is also effective to dress the top portion of the body with simple clean lines and plain dark colours. Shoulder pads can also be inserted to create more shape taking attention away from the stomach area. Slight tapering toward the hemline can also take away attention from the stomach. Let out waistlines for dresses to create a lengthen torso.

6. Fuller figure

The Fuller figure carries weight all over with a rounded appearance. Women with this body shape could create a slimmer line by wearing garments with vertical and diagonal lines, either in colour or style. A block colour all over will help elongate the figure therefore appearing slimmer. Light weight fabric is recommended for this body type as thicker fabrics or textures just add bulk.
Shoulder pads can also be inserted to create more shape. Shirts and jackets which flow past the hipline also works well with this figure.


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