Grandma Graduates From Primary School At 100

A Mexican grandmother has graduated from primary school at the age of 100.
Manuela Hernandez, who was born in the state of Oaxaca in June 1913, left primary school after just a year to help her poor family with the household chores. She only resumed her studies last October at the age of 99 at the recommendation of one of her grandchildren. She has now been handed her diploma at a celebration held in the southern Mexican state. “I liked school very much, but I could not continue studying,” she told Uno TV. “By the next year I could already wash and iron.”

Ms Hernandez says she will now continue her studies in secondary school.

More than half of Oaxaca state residents older than 15 have not completed their primary education.


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    That last sentence is reay scary. pls is it 15 yers?


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