Body In River Turns Out To Be Living 73-Year-Old Woman

An apparent dead body spotted floating in the River Trent in central England turned out to be a 73-year-old woman who was very much alive.
The original report came from the captain of River Princess Cruises, the Nottingham Post reported Friday. He spotted what looked like a body early Tuesday afternoon in the Trent in the suburb of Colwick.
Police officers who responded drafted Alex Bell, who lives on a canal boat in the area and was out in his motorboat, to help.
“She was so motionless and pale,” Bell said. “She was just floating in the water and the policeman thought she was dead.
“I didn’t really want to look but then I saw her flicker her eyes and said ‘she’s alive’ — and then she opened them.”
Mat Mitchell, a police constable, said he also believed the woman was dead. But he called to her to make certain.
Mitchell shed his clothes and jumped in the river wearing only his boxers. He pulled the woman to shore.
She is reported to be doing well at the Queen’s Medical Center in Nottingham.
There’s no word on how the woman got into the river.


  1. Anonymous09:39

    I always read crazy stories from this blog. nyc though

  2. Ssolis Jay09:39

    The reporter dived into the river for a crazy woman? mtscheewwww1

  3. Sophie Claire09:40

    Whats the meaning of this rubbish? this one is just out of it.


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