A Man Bought Himself A Morning Coffee And Doughnut. Then He Bought Coffee For The Next 500 People In Line.

What? No free doughnuts? (screengrab via CBC News)
On Monday, a Canadian man walked into his local Tim Horton's in Edmonton, Canada, got himself a Boston cream doughtnut and a double-double, and then paid for 500 more large coffees for his Canadian neighbors. So, great work, America. We got showed up by Canadians yet again wtih their friendly, selfless ways and their likeable doughnut chains.
The bill came to nearly $900 [NGN135,000.00 ONLY], and the man refused to leave his name or a reason for his random act of caffeinated kindness. It took the shop until 8:30 the following morning to get through all the free coffees, and the mysterious man (I call rights to Coffeeman: the superhero) made hundreds of people's days.
No one ever does this in America. Even in Nigeria as well or anywhere in the world. We've all thought about doing it, how good it would feel, how awesome it would be to sit outside an eatery, and see people's smiles as they emerged, and then tell them you were the one who bought them the free coffee/pie/coke or whatever the item could be and that they could repay you anyway they wanted. But at the end of the day, we never do it, because 900 American dollars is a lot of French crullers  and [NGN135,000 only] for ourselves.

(by Shira Rachel Danan) stolen and edited by Ebere. lolz


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    135k is only?? thats big moni but small mony for some people. i always dreamt i culd do that too. like shut down the whole bar thingz buh all in a dream



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