Meet Mr. Phil Roberts... A Talented Gospel Musician [Mighty God]

Mr. Phil Roberts from my perspective is a man with a burning passion for Gospel Musics. Recently, he released this video [MIGHTY GOD] which is currently being aired across the country. He is currently working on another Album titled EBUBE and would be available for download soon. 

Watch Phil Roberts Mighty God...


Phil Roberts is a mechanical Engineer and a multi talented musician born into a family of entertainment with highly technical, professional skills, coupled with a well developed acumen reflecting a career of strong leadership in entertainment. Outstanding records of delivering simultaneous large-scale, entertainment projects on time and under budget. More about Phil Roberts can be found HERE

For more information about Phil Roberts and his Musics, visit 



    This is one man a respect so much.
    †нє level of his humility, grace $ talent is simply amazing...
    Maximum respect to u man .. U r indeed made for the top

  2. Anonymous12:41

    Am HA̶̲̥̅̊PPƔ that I was part of this production Mr Phil Roberts I hail your Voice.God bless you

  3. I personally interviewed him. Believe me, he's a good guy and a good friend


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