Train Stops To Help Newborn Calf

Passengers on a train in the Netherlands said their trip was delayed when the conductor stopped to help a calf in distress.
The Arriva train between Groningen and Leeuwarden stopped for about 45 minutes Friday when the driver of the train spotted a calf stuck in a water-filled ditch between the villages of Grijpskert and Buitenpost and decided to help, reported Tuesday. Passengers told the Leeuwarder Courant the driver and several passengers attempted to help the calf, but it remained stuck until firefighters arrived to pull it from the ditch.
“It had only just been born, the umbilical cord was still attached,” one passenger said of the calf.
The farmer who owns the calf said he has dubbed the newborn Arriva after the train company. “The calf is in great shape. I just hope the driver did not get into trouble,” the farmer said.

source: ynaija

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