The Sleek City (I see prostitutes and gigolos)

A place of possibilities, a place where all your dreams can come true, this is sleek city. Keep dreaming, it might come to be your reality or turn into your worst nightmare that you wish you hadn’t dreamt in the first place. Check out the houses, the cars, the dresses, jewelries, the styles and the class. Look again, intently this time; you will see the desolation, the poverty, the hunger, the social decadence laid so bare. The worst of all is the prostitution – peddlers of flesh! Sorry, fresh standing breasts - mankind’s oldest trade. 

Prostitution for Women; Gigolo for men, this is all moral decadence. Nowadays, they don’t stand on the streets soliciting for customers; they are either on social networks and online searching for customers. Do you have a neighbor you always wonder what they do for a living? Oh yes, it also a form of yahoo-yahoo (online fraud) as it is popularly known in Nigeria. Most of them have a regular job. They do this on a part-time basis while some of them do not have regular paid jobs. 

How to identify them:
Someone has once told me that the smartest way of identifying these people is when you ask them "what do you do for a living?" their answer is either "ermm… I'm a student; I'm into buying and selling; I sell clothes, shoes and bags; I do contracts; I'm not doing anything for now-I don’t want to do anything for now; I can't answer Sir / Ma for anybody, etc.". These people are always expensively dressed as tough they work for multinationals. 

Prostitutes and gigolos start their days at night and their nights during the day. This means that they are out mostly in the evenings and asleep in the mornings. They are always travelling for businesses outside the city. This is the lie they tell to protect their image. They have more than ten (10) names.

How it starts:
Of course poverty is the main cause of prostitution. Would I say poverty, I think it goes beyond that. It is mainly caused by greed. It's not just greed… I think it is being over –ambitious. Hell no, it is low self-esteem, lack of information, immaturity, child abuse, etc. We can go ahead and mention the names of what could make any human being trade his / her body for money. The truth still remains that these people have equal option to live a more respectable life with every other person in the society than choosing the path of prostitution.

If you are a lady and you met someone online and during the course of your interaction, you have had sex chat (audio or video), sent naked pictures of your private parts, promised to satisfy him sexually when you meet him / her and actually doing that… then you are a prostitute. Now let me ask you, were you very poor to have done all these. A lot of people have told me that they didn’t mean to do all what they did. Ok! Fine, I agree. That was the first time. What happened to the second, third…nth time? You now have a box of complimentary card that you shuffle, looking for who is the best to call for the weekend groove. You also have calls… did I say calls, I mean pings… oh no! Chats from all the various social networks you have registered your "innocent" self in. If your phone is power down, panic steps in because your business is in trouble. You have developed a terrible habit.

A lot of people have gone commercial without realizing that they are now prostitutes. This is different from the ladies who live in chalets and hotels that paddle their bodies up and down for their customers. These ones are the ones I mentioned earlier that cannot do anything outside their BlackBerrys, iPhones and Androids phones. In as much as we have embraced technology of the day, these ladies exchange their contacts with strangers who invite them to joints for hangouts, hotels for parties, clubs, and some others would bluntly tell them the purpose of their visits (to have sex with them in exchange for money) while they price down what would be paid to them for such visits. 

How they end up:
Do you think prostitution pays off well? I want you to mention a wealthy prostitute you know. Please tell me one? Most of them retraced their steps early enough and lived the rest of their lives honorably. Well, here's a story.

A friend of mine has an aunt. She is 67 years now. She used to be the "biggest" runs girl in the 70's cum 80's. She built a house in the village for her parents owned properties around Lagos, trained her siblings to school, travelled to exotic places of the world for holiday, etc. she used to have her pictures in the airports where her pimps had her showcased to arrivals and her phone numbers exchanged for easy communication. That was how she operated and made money off the men that patronized her. At age 45, she had an ailment (nobody knows the name of what hit her). She always has this look on her face that shows that she is in serious pains. She decided to retire and moved to the village since her business was no longer booming as before. Despite how many times she has had her bath or how many perfumes and deodorants she used; there is this thick smell that emanates from her as someone whose part is either rotten or decaying. She sold all her properties to treat herself and spent years visiting the hospitals for treatments all to no avail. Did I mention that the sickness also left her limping? Oh yes it did. 60, she realized time has passed and she decided to adopt a child. The baby girl "name withheld" is seven (7) this year. She has a 67 years sick grandma mom. She was never married (reasons best known to her). My friend said that all she knew was that she had a special pastor she used to visit for "prayers" for a life-partner then but stopped after a while saying that the man was fake. Does this look like how you want to end up? Lonely? Broke? In debts? "mouth sealed".

Last words:
I can’t even believe I wrote this! My Gosh! It is beyond terrible. Life in sleek city, do you belong or not? Belong where exactly? Mansions? palaces of the class? At the top? or in the not so well decorated middle class?, or in the low class down at the ghetto? It’s time for a personal appraisal. How far? Or should i ask how well? Years or months in sleek city and what have you achieved? Do not allow your quest for being known or rich push you to becoming what you never envisioned for yourself. If you are one of the people who have delved into the business of prostitution knowingly or unknowingly, there is still hope for you. I don’t condemn prostitutes neither do I criticize them. All I do is to proffer solutions for them. A lot of these prostitutes can read and write. We even have a number of them as graduates from honorable institutions. Have u ever bothered finding out what the government is doing concerning rehabilitation of prostitutes? Do you know that budgets are allocated to a lot of projects concerning women empowerment? Please don’t be dumb. Women are honorable members of the society. You were not created this beautiful to be where you are right now. Find out what and how you can be a better person. Ask questions. Change your clique on time before it is too late. Retrace your steps and God will make you beautiful. 

URLS for articles on Government efforts: NB: Nobody can stop prostitution, only the prostitutes themselves can!

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