LOL(Photo): Man impersonates Psy(Gangnam Style):gains access into celebrity parties at Cannes

Lol a man who pretended to be the hitmaker Psy(Gangnam style) has been nabbed after two days of partying with celebrities at the Cannes fim festival.He had access to all the privelages meant for the real drinks,security and all...hehehehe

He was dresed up like the original Psy,walked like him and even waved like him..
Several celebrites even took pictures with him and posted on twitter because they felt they were with the real Psy .

Fake Psy vs Real Psy

More after the cut

He was discovered when the real Psy was filmed in NewYork, at the BillBoard Awards and on the US talk show, Live with Micheal and Kelly.

Thebreal Psy then tweeted "Seems like there is another ME at Cannes..say hi to him "looooool
Lol smart dude.....

With supermodel naomi Harris

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