I Know Tokunbo! He was a good kid!

There's this gist about this particular guy named Tokunbo (Names withheld) studied in the south-west of Nigeria for both Primary and secondary education. He had initially written JAMB like every other Naija Pikin before his Dad HIT IT BIG. He was given a political appointment by the presidency and overnight the whole family became rich. Hmm... Let me shaa whisper that he used to be my friend but he no longer knows me since they moved to Abuja. Afterwards, I heard he proceeded to England for a British degree which is now so in vogue. At University of Queen Mary, he lived an exorbitant lifestyle of course considering the fact that his monthly allowance by his parents ranged from £2,000 to £3,000 (I'm talking about like 500-750k in naira o. hmmm… this amount are some peoples' school fees). 

Well, he was a big boy in school. Upon graduation, he came back to Nigeria for his NYSC and thereafter, went back to England for his MSc, International Business in University of Bristol. When he came back, he hit the Labour Market to get a standard job. Due to the fact that he has no working experience, it was difficult to integrate him to a core job. He started working in his uncles firm. There were rumors that his uncle fired him because of petty theft. His uncle also added that he was uncomfortable working with him because of the bossy attitude he always displays among staff. He, out of frustration, decided to go back to the UK to get another degree and his parents supported him saying they cannot be alive and their son would be subjected to a houseboy and so so…

Toks parents were involved in a political scandal in 2006, they faced the law. During this period, their accounts were frizzed both local and international; all transactions were cancelled and all their properties were impounded by the government. His dad was bagged with a 24 years jail term. He was stranded abroad begging for food from friends who hung up on him for survival and fake friends as well. They obviously have little or nothing to offer him. 
So what's my point now? Well, I ran into him at a bus park when he was arguing with the bus driver (dragging for change). From what I saw, I don’t think he has a job yet because he was a bit rough and those his attitude hasn’t changed. I didn’t call him oh… hmm, I no wan make persin slap me or ignore me cos I won't find it funny.

Just my tots: If you have anything now, Kindly share with people and help others stand because that’s where you would fall back on the raining day
That’s Amebo update for today, Thanks for reading. :) 

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